Legal | Expert Witness

Patrick Beville, IONCON's Principal Engineer, has been called as expert witness in many cases involving structural deficiencies in the High Country. His expertise in design & construction and structural systems can help Litigators & General Counsel. Structural damage can be at the center of a lawsuit due to numerous reasons.  


IONCON may provide insightful information for cases involving such issues regarding construction engineering, home inspection, weather damage, failure analysis, building design, building repair, remodeling, restoration, construction management, workplace safety, general contracting, geotechnical engineering, cost estimating, construction scheduling, civil engineering, risk assessment, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical contracting, building defects, construction defects, and other numerous issues, as each may be at the focus of a possible court case related to structural damage. Failing to adhere to proper building code compliance may also lead to structural damage and be cause for litigation. Patrick can provide site research & inspection and detailed forensic studies in identifying the causes of these structural failures.