Structural Analysis & Reports

IONCON can provide a structural assessment of cracked foundations, structural beams, differential settlement, retaining walls and un-level floors or decks to determine if the damage is significant to warrant repair. This type of assessment is usually done when purchasing a property to ensure the buyers that costly repairs will not be necessary. 

IONCON offers a verbal or written report after analysis. If our engineer finds that no repairs are recommended and there are no structural deficiencies, our clients will only be charged for an hourly rate. If a written report is requested, it will be delivered within one week from the site visit. To request a structural analysis, please call 828-264-8500 to schedule an appointment. Please see our rates below:

Hourly Site Visit

Principal Engineer, $200/hour 

Typical Residential Report

$800 | delivered within two weeks of site visit

Expedited Written Report

$1,200 | delivered within 48 hours of site visit