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‘Sustainable Design’ can have many meanings.

To some it means a focus on the carbon footprint of a building or product. Some focus on possible negative environmental or societal impacts of the materials, construction process, and life-cycle. Some focus purely on the energy and resource efficiency and life-cycle cost assessments of the structure and its productivity or use. Many use natural rather than synthetic products as well as a natural aesthetic look and feel. A sustainable design is much more than just a round floor plan or kitchen layout, it is a comprehensive look into your personal goals.

IONCON has a history ranging from large commercial LEED buildings to smaller ‘natural’ and primitive structures hand built from materials found on site. No project is too big or small, and all require the same attention to detail to ensure the best values can be retained. Many alternative building methods like strawbale, cob, earthbags, post and beam, timber-frame, or adobe may require an engineers approval before a building permit may be issued.

Let us help you achieve your goals of sustainable and natural design so that you may enjoy a beautiful, comfortable, energy-efficient, and environmentally conscious home for years to come.

  • Structural Design: Ensure the structure of alternative methods can meet or exceed code requirements for your own safety.

  • Energy Modeling: Ensure your building will be as efficient as possible and pass minimums required by new energy codes.

  • Site plans, floor plans, and sections: Help meet planning and permitting requirements for your building with our full-service drafting and planning staff.

  • Code Consulting and Reports: Specific issues regarding your project and alternative methods not described by current building codes may require approval and testing by an engineer before you are allowed to begin construction. Let us work for you and help resolve your issues regarding natural and alternative building techniques.


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